The Ultimate Path-3×3 ft PrepStepper Poster

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Large (3 ft x 3 ft) poster giving a high-level overview of how to succeed in all thirteen preparedness categories.


This is our largest (3 ft x 3 ft) path poster, giving you a powerful, high-level overview of all thirteen preparedness categories. Each category helps you begin with the easiest or most fundamental steps for that category at the circle’s center and then guides you down a step-wise path toward expert-level prepping as you move toward the outer edge. Perfect for serious preppers or for group meetings/presentations.

High quality. Made from 9 mil banner paper with soft lamination on the front.

Made in the USA.

This product is printed on demand and drop-shipped by our supplier, and therefore it will be shipped separately from your other items. There is a flat rate of $9.90 for shipping.

Like most of our products, this poster covers the following thirteen areas of emergency preparedness:

  1. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
  2. Air
  3. Shelter
  4. Water
  5. Sanitation
  6. Nutrition
  7. Wellness/First Aid
  8. Power, Fuel, Heat & Light
  9. Tools & Supplies
  10. Communication/Information
  11. Transportation/Navigation
  12. Security/Hunting
  13. Financial/Bartering

Note: not suitable for long-term dry-erase marks (although very short-term marks come off fairly well).

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Weight 9.6 oz
Dimensions 36 × 2 × 2 in


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